Professional Make-Up Artist Course
Professional Bridal Make-Up Course
Personal Image Make-Up Course
Body Art Course
Professional Hair Dressing Course
Bridal Hair Styling Course
November 2010
National Caring Society @ Charity Night
  November 2010
Liu Kwee Tang Association Karaoke Contest
  October 2010
Mid Valley Beauty Expo
  October 2010
Just Dance Magazine Lounching
  September 2010
KLCC Beauty Expo
  September 2010
Alice in Wonderland
  April 2010
Monaza Adv Shooting

> 11st April 2011:
   Jun 2011 C & G

> 18th April 2011:
   Loan application
> 16th April 2011:
   Make-up for Mrs
   Malaysia Beauty
   Pageant contest
> 27th-29th May 2011:
   Make-up for PIXIES
   The Music at the
   Actors Studio at
   Lot 10, KL
STYLING PAVILION ACADEMY was established 2008, offering professional makeup, beauty therapy, hairdressing courses and services. We are situated at Dataran Mentari, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia... ►Contact Us


STYLING PAVILION ACADEMY 于2008年成立. 我们提供专业化妆,美容,美发课程和服务。我们是位于双威Dataran Mentari,马来西亚之雪兰莪州的八打灵再也。►联系我们
Upon the inception of Styling Pavilion Academy since 2008, we aspire to be the key player and the most influential “Beauty Ambassador” which dictates the beauty trends in the beauty industry, locally as well as internationally.  Therefore, it is our objective to create an awareness of the importance of personal and professional image development by teaching our students the right hairdressing methods as well as beauty and makeup techniques in an innovative and unprecedented way.  Therefore, we assume the responsibility by giving professional training to our students and to equip them with beauty knowledge via our uniquely formed syllabuses in the courses offered by us so as to help them become the much sought-after professional hairdressers, makeup artists and beauticians of the finest quality who meet the most stringent professional standards in the beauty industry.

At Styling Pavilion Academy, we have come up with a series of the most comprehensive, practical, sophisticated and unique education system in beauty therapy, hairdressing and makeup essential to preparing our students to face the challenges in answering the pressing needs of being the crème de la crème of artistry in today’s competitive beauty industry.

Our education system is of the most perfect and finest blend in terms of theory and hands-on practical knowledge which includes easy-to-learn and practical beauty-enhancing skills and techniques. These useful and must-know beauty skills and techniques are carefully and meticulously taught by our beauty experts and trainers to all our students to help them acquire a mastery of the most sophisticated and up-to-date beauty knowledge upon the completion of their courses at our academy suitable to the latest trend in the beauty industry.

In order to achieve these desirable results, our students are to be assigned from time to time to receive both theory and hands-on practical training. The students are given the opportunity to work hand in hand with the most experienced and professional hairdressers, makeup artists and beauticians in the beauty industry at beauty workshops such as hairdressing and makeup workshops, hairdressing and makeup demonstrations and beauty talks, beauty pageants, concerts, fashion shoots, magazine covers and interviews, hairdressing and make-up promotion/ road show, taking part in makeup contests, and etc.

At Styling Pavilion Academy, we conduct our both internal and external examinations. Students who passed our internal examinations shall be awarded with our professional beauty therapy, hairdressing and/or makeup certificate, as the case may be. Besides that, students who are desirous of pursuing an internationally-recognized certificate in professional hairdressing, makeup and beauty therapy are encouraged to enrol and sit the examinations offered by City & Guilds, United Kingdom as well as the examinations offered by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) of the Human Resource Ministry of Malaysia.

Upon the completion of the professional beauty therapy, hairdressing and/or makeup courses, the students shall fully develop an impressive portfolio and master the essential hands-on practical experiences and skills required in the beauty industry which will help the students pave the way to a successful professional career in the beauty industry affording them a promising business or job opportunities and prospects such as self-employed beauticians, hairdressers and makeup artists, consultants in beauty salons, marketing personnel, sales managers or speakers in beauty knowledge with hair care or cosmetics companies, makeup artists in bridal houses or photography studios, hairdressing and makeup trainers, beauty advisors, image development consultants and etc.


教 导他们掌握正确的美容和化妆技巧。有鉴于此,我们负起对学生们提供专业培训的重任。我们以独特的专业课程




在Styling Pavilion Academy,我们将颁发我们的专业美发或化妆证书给予考试过关的学生们。除此之外,我们也鼓
励和协助渴望报考国际认可的美发,化妆和美容专业文凭报考英国之City&Guilds和我国之Jabatan Pembangunan

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